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Novel Coronavirus - COVID-19

Select from the links below for COVID-19 public health advice and information:

Protecting yourself and others from COVID-19

New Zealand is at Alert Level 1.

To view New Zealand's confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19 to date click here.

Golden rules

There are some Golden Rules we should all follow to help prevent future spread.

  1. If you’re sick, stay home. Don’t go to work or school. Don’t socialise.

  2. If you are concerned about symptoms call Healthline or your doctor for advice.

  3. Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands.

  4. Sneeze and cough into your elbow, and regularly disinfect shared surfaces.

  5. If you are told by health authorities to self-isolate you must do so immediately.

  6. If you’re concerned about your wellbeing, or have underlying health conditions, work with your GP to understand how best to stay healthy.

  7. Keep track of where you’ve been, when and who you’ve seen to help contact tracing if needed. Use the NZ COVID Tracer app or the NZ COVID Tracer booklet.

  8. Businesses must continue to display QR codes to help people keep track of their movements for contact tracing if needed.

  9. Stay vigilant. There is still a global pandemic going on. People and businesses should be prepared to act fast to step up alert levels if we have to.

  10. People will have had different experiences over the last couple of months. Whatever you’re feeling — it’s okay. Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself.


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Advice for Health Professionals

Notification of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)

Attending medical practitioners must notify the local Medical Officer of Health urgently of any confirmed (or probable cases) AND anyone under investigation who meets both the clinical and High Index of Suspicion (HIS) criteria.

A COVID-19 eReferral notification form is now available for all Bay of Plenty and Lakes GPs to send notifications to Toi Te Ora.





If you require advice relating to any possible cases, please call the duty Medical Officer of Health through the hospital switchboard.


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