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Health Protection

Toi Te Ora’s Health Protection services are about protecting people, preventing harm and planning for threats.  Our Health Protection Officers work includes environmental health which covers all aspects of the natural and built environment that may affect human health, communicable disease, chronic disease management and health services planning. 

There is a very close relationship between people and their environment. It's our environment, and our responsibility.

Health Protection Officers

Health Protection Officers are experts in environmental health and communicable diseases.  They are trained in science, law and investigation skills, and have a thorough understanding of how the environment, whether it be natural or man-modified, affects our health.

Health Protection Officers (HPOs) routinely follow up notifications of diseases like salmonella and giardia. This involves contacting the case and asking questions about where they have been and what they have been doing, for example eating risky foods or drinking contaminated water.  HPOs can provide advice to people so they avoid infection.  In some cases HPOs will take steps to eliminate the risk, for example closure of food premises.  We provide expert advice to agencies including councils and other government departments in order to improve regulatory controls. 

HPOs are Designated Officers under various pieces of health-related law and are responsible for ensuring compliance with these laws. 

Contact a Health Protection Officer on 0800 221 555 to talk about any of the following:

Toi Te Ora has three Medical Officers of Health who are trained as specialists in public health medicine and play a supportive leadership role in guiding the health protection unit.

If you are planning to visit the Bay of Plenty or Lakes regions, read our information sheet for helpful tips and local knowledge to help keep you healthy and safe during your visit.

Last modified: 06 Mar 2018
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