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Health Services Development

The primary purpose of the Health Services Development (HSD) team is to provide public health leadership, public health intelligence and development to support funders, planners and providers in the health sector.  This includes providing:

  • Public health leadership and expertise providing a public health perspective within the health sector and public health input to health service planning, development and evaluation.

  • Public health intelligence including epidemiological expertise, population health data analysis and health needs assessment.

  • Workforce planning in response to population health needs and trends as well as workforce development with respect to areas of public health concern such as communicable disease prevention and management (including infection control and immunisation), health inequalities, population health approaches and health promotion.

  • Health promotion support and development within healthcare settings such as hospitals and primary care environments.

  • Communications functions to support initiatives to achieve population health goals and outcomes.

Internally, similar approaches are used to support Toi Te Ora Public Health, and the HSD team has planning and development functions including:

  • Providing expert public health intelligence and the evidence-base to inform strategies, plans, programmes, projects and interventions.

  • Promoting, leading and supporting the participation of all staff in planning and development activities.

  • Continually improving the quality of planning and development activities that contribute to improved population health.

  • Providing communications, as well as workforce development expertise and support.


Last modified: 06 Mar 2018
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