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What is a healthy home?

A healthy home is a combination of three key ingredients: insulation, heating and ventilation, which work together to: 

  • Keep air fresh and dry
  • Remove moisture and reduce the risk of mould and mildew growth

  • Reduce maintenance costs in your home, and
  • Keep your home at healthy, comfortable temperatures year-round.

Healthy homes are warm, dry, uncrowded and smoke free. 


Is your home unhealthy?

If your home is ‘unhealthy’ you and your whanau are more likely to get sick with:

  • Chest infections

  • Bronchiolitis

  • Pneumonia

  • Strep throat

  • Rheumatic fever (which can cause permanent heart damage) 


Your home may be unhealthy if:

  • It is very cold in winter and difficult to heat

  • The family sleep together in the same room to keep warm in the winter

  • Children share a bed or there are more than 2 people in a bedroom

  • You use an unflued gas heater

  • Water drips down the windows or walls

  • There is a damp or musty smell

  • There is mould (black dots) on the wall or ceiling

  • There are gaps in the windows or doors that let wind through

  • People smoke inside  


Key tips for a warmer, drier home

The information below provides key tips on how to create a warmer, drier home.



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Get assistance from Work and Income

Some families may be able to get help from Work and Income to keep your home warm and healthy, or if your children are unwell.


Last modified: 20 Jul 2020
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