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Green light given for recreational use of Waihī Estuary; shellfish still to be avoided
14 March 2019

One of two health warnings issued for Waihī Estuary at Pukehina (Little Waihī), has now been lifted by the Medical Officer of Health.

Dr Jim Miller says the August warning, advising the public to avoid recreational contact with the estuary water following a bloom of potentially toxic algae, has now been lifted.   Testing by Bay of Plenty Regional Council shows the algal bloom has subsided.

Despite this, Dr Miller urges people not to collect or eat shellfish from the estuary as the long-standing health warning relating to shellfish remains in place.

“Water quality testing shows levels of bacteria still remain high.”  Jim adds, “For this reason, we advise that shellfish are not collected or eaten from anywhere in Waihī Estuary or the estuary mouth.  So while it’s fine to now enjoy the estuary for recreational activity, we recommend shellfish is avoided.”

Up-to-date information on this health warning and others for the Bay of Plenty and Lakes districts is available through these channels:

Last modified: 26 Mar 2020
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