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Practical immunisation information

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Where to get your baby immunised:

Immunisations are FREE from your local medical centre.  

Tips for your baby’s six week immunisation:

Fussy clothing, fear and being in a hurry are the main problems to avoid when taking your baby for an immunisation. With a bit of forward planning, getting vaccinated needn’t be a trauma for you or your baby.


Wearing the right clothes can save you time and effort at the surgery.  Choose clothes that you can remove or roll up easily. Babies under twelve months have injections in the thigh. Thin layers fastened with poppers are perfect for babies.


Give yourself enough time to get to your appointment without having to rush. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be in and out of the medical centre quickly.  Ideally, allow yourself an hour. Clinics can run behind schedule, and you need time to ask the nurse questions. If you rush, you’ll be stressed. Your baby may sense that and become anxious.


It’s natural to get anxious when your baby is having a vaccination. You may worry that the doctor or nurse will hurt them. But try to stay calm and treat the procedure in a matter-of-fact way. If you're anxious, this fear may spread to your baby. The less fuss, the better.

After the injection

Your baby may cry for a brief time.  Cuddling, talking supportively and breastfeeding can help to comfort them.  You will need to remain in the clinic for a further twenty minutes.


Normal immunisation reactions:

  • A redness or tenderness where the injection was given.  A cool cloth can help with this.

  • Your baby might get hot.  Taking off some of their clothes for a time may make them more comfortable.

  • Your baby’s sleep patterns may change.

  • Your baby might be a bit grizzly or grumpy. 

  • Your practice nurse can give you further advice on how to manage these symptoms.


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