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Smokefree Outdoor Policies

Smokefree Outdoor Spaces Policies help contribute to achieving the Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 Goal by:

  • 'Denormalising' smoking by reducing visibility so children are less likely to think it's normal and take it up

  • Supporting people to quit smoking, and help protect ex-smokers from relapsing, by reducing visual cues to smoke

  • Reducing exposure to second hand smoke

  • Reducing litter and fire risk.

What Councils can do

Councils can create educational smokefree outdoor spaces policies, which means they don't require enforcing.  They work through the use of smokefree signage and promotional media.

Toi Te Ora have create a 'Frequently Asked Questions' doucment to help councils create smokefree outdoor space. Access this here.

Smokefree public spaces could include a variety of areas where people congregate or children and families go.  A recent survey of residents in the Bay of Plenty and Lakes Districts conducted by Toi Te Ora - Public Health Service found the community supported smokefree public spaces including:

  • Children's playgrounds (95%)

  • Outside schools, pre-schools, kindergartens and early childhood centres (91%)

  • Stadiums and sports grounds (80%)

  • At public events (75%)

  • Bus stops (72%)

  • Outdoor dining areas (64%)

  • Parks and reserves (57%)

  • Main street or city centres (49%)

Other areas that could be made smokefree include beaches and waterfront areas, and sporting or cultural facilities, grounds, and fields.

Smokefree Outdoor Policies of councils in the Bay of Plenty and Lakes districts

Many councils already have smokefree outdoor spaces policies, the table below provides a summary of the council policies in the Bay of Plenty and Lakes districts, with recommendations for extensions. 


 Document Link

Review Date

Recommendations to extend smokefree policies

Taupō District Council

No policy (Smokefree signage in all parks and reserves)

Not applicable 

Adopt a Smokefree Outdoor Policy.

Rotorua Lakes Council

Smokefree Outdoor Spaces Policy

January 2020

Continued implementation of Phase 2 of Smokefree Outdoor Spaces Policy.

Ōpōtiki District Council

Educational Smoke Free Outdoor Spaces Policy

No date set

Maintain signage and promotion of smokefree policy. Smokefree bus stops and alfresco dining, civic centre.

Kawerau District Council

Smokefree Public Spaces Policy

February 2020

Maintain signage and promotion of smokefree policy.  Smokefree zones 10 metres around school and early childhood education centre entrances.

Whakatāne District Council

Smoke-Free Council Open Spaces Policy

December 2020

Smokefree alfresco dining, beaches, pedestrian malls or town centres, bus stops, sports grounds and facilities, public toilets.

Western BOP District Council 

Smokefree Public Spaces Policy

October 2012 

Maintain signage and promotion of smokefree policy. Smokefree alfresco dining and town centres.

Tauranga City Council

Smokefree Places Policy

No date set 

Maintain signage and promotion of smokefree policy. Smokefree alfresco dining and beaches.


Examples and Useful Resources

How we can help

Toi Te Ora Public Health supports councils to implement smokefree outdoor spaces policies.  People in the community can also encourage council to introduce smokefree outdoor spaces.

Contact us if you would like further information or advice about smokefree outdoor spaces.

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