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Workforce Development & Training


The purpose of this section is to assist and support public health professionals who are responsible for workforce development or training within their organisation.  The information provided can help you to ensure effective workforce development planning and monitoring, and to access relevant resources and training opportunities.

Workforce development is an important work area for the public health sector.  A diverse, skilled, knowledgeable and sustainable workforce is essential to the achievement of public health goals.

Workforce development is not just about attending training and workshops.  It includes a wide variety of elements including:

  • Monitoring of workforce development trends and strategic planning;

  • Development of effective and efficient infrastructure to support workforce development;

  • Creation of learning cultures through things like critical and reflective practice;

  • Support and collaboration through team meetings and resource development (eg templates);

  • Often the best teacher “learn by doing”.

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If you have any information you think could be included in this section, please contact our Public Health Development Advisor.

Last modified: 06 Mar 2018
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